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  • USMLE Step 2CK Live

    Monday to Thursday 6-10 in evening starting on Monday May 16th. On Sundays the class is 9-6pm. Make sure you get the score you want, and  cement the residency of your choice. Bring your Master the Boards Step 2 CK book and we will go through every subject start to finish by the time the class ends on Sunday June 12.

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  • USMLE Step 2

    USMLE Step 2

    Brand New Videos!

    Our USMLE Step 2 video lectures, prepare you in 50 hours of the inimitable Dr. Conrad Fischer.  The videos use Master The Boards as a reference book but this course is a synthesis of the material across Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Ethics, and Ob/Gyn.

    NOTHING compares to our course!

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  • Get Pharm!

    Get Pharm!

    Get everything you need to answer pharmacology questions on USMLE Step 1. Make sure you walk in on test day fully prepared, confident and relaxed.

    Get Pharm!  and get high scores

    Get Pharm! and get the answers to the question

    Get Pharm! and get everything!

    Make sure you know the indication, mechanism of action and adverse effects for all the drugs you need for your test.


    OMM High Yield Review

    Our OMM review video lecture series prepares you in just 7 hours of extremely high yield OMM material taught via Medquest’s unique learning style. Instructed by OMM Teaching Fellow Phil Koehler and Chris Paras, DO you will master OMM for the boards and even learn some cool techniques for the wards.  Topics stressed in this course are Cranial, Costal, Innominates, Sacrum, Short-leg Syndrome, Psoas Syndrome, Special Tests, Treatment Techniques, etc.   In short it covers all the subjects DO students find most difficult.  There are numerous clinical correlations and interactive multiple choice questions throughout the presentations to keep you engaged.  The course includes over 2 hours of live demonstrations of OMT which are useful for clinical rotations and the COMLEX PE! The goal is to solidify the basic knowledge you have learned in class and get you to the next level of understanding.

  • OMM QBank for COMLEX 1/2/3 + COMAT

    OMM Question Bank

    This OMM Qbank is comprehensive with in depth explanations. It features 125 multiple choice and matching questions and is constantly growing in quantity. Not only will it test your knowledge base but it will teach you concepts and expand on your level of understanding. Therefore if you miss the question you will thoroughly comprehend the concept using the explanation. It also contains questions of all difficulty levels and is a great review for all levels of COMLEX and COMAT exams. It is a great high yield - "score points" review for these exams.

  •  COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE

    COMLEX 2

    Brand New Videos!

    Our COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE video lectures prepare you in 50 hours of the inimitable Dr. Conrad Fischer and the MedQuest team.  The course videos use Master The Boards USMLE Step 2 CK as a reference book to help you synthesize material across Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology, Ethics, and Ob/Gyn.

    NOTHING compares to our unique OMM section! Dr. Philip Koehler is an OMM fellowship trained specialist who knows what students need!

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  • Welcome to Hospital Boot Camp!

    Are you starting internship, feeling lost and overwhelmed? A third or fourth year medical student who wants to stand out on rotations and be remembered during residency interviews? Or are you an international graduate, looking for insight into the American hospital system? 

    Created by renowned medical educator Chris Paras, and in conjunction with Conrad Fischer, this course is designed to relieve your anxiety about life in the hospital and teach what you need to know to succeed. Get in shape with Boot Camp, and perform like a rock star!

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  • Step 3: High Yield

    Step 3 High Yield

    Brand New Pediatric and Ob/Gyn videos!

    Our Step 3 High Yield video lectures, featuring 40 hours of the inimitable Dr. Conrad Fischer and based on his famous Master The Boards prep books, are designed to help you pass the USMLE Step 3 exam with flying colors.

    Peds and Ob/Gyn fully redone!! Awesome and New!

    Basic Science Correlates Added to Step 3 High Yield! New test format NOW COVERED!

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  • Top Shelf: Internal Medicine

    Is this your first rotation in Medicine? Are you a new third year medical student? Do you have no idea where to begin studying? Is there an examination at the end of the rotation that determines your grade?

    You are not alone....

    This is the first educational device specifically designed for new third and fourth year students to guide them through what they are expected to know on a daily basis on their medicine rotation. 7/10 surveyed 3rd year medical students say they don't know what to study for the Internal Medicine Clerkship Exam? (Sonpal et al 2014)

    Do the NBME and COMSAE shelf exams for Internal Medicine have you stressed out?

    Then you need Top Shelf Internal Medicine. The Most High Yield Course available targeting the NBME and COMSAE shelf exams for 3rd year MS and OMS students.

  • Flash card box

    New for Step ONE USMLE or Level one!!

    Do you need a comprehensive review for physical findings for step one?

    Does multimedia cause you trouble? Are you scared of heart sounds?

    Don’t mark and skip these multimedia Physical Findings questions anymore!! Get the score you want and extinguish fear!

    Make sure there are NO SURPRISES on test day!
    See and Hear ALL the physical finding multimedia in ONE single fun educational tool!

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  • IM Question Bank

    Featuring more than 500 questions, our Internal Medicine QBank is second to none. Our team has worked tirelessly to bring you the most comprehensive review for your IM board exam on the market, and we're fanatical about keeping our questions up-to-date. MedQuest's QBank system lets you tailor practice tests to every need; we can deliver anything from a comprehensive time pressure marathon that will keep you up all night to a twenty question quiz on one subject that you can take on your phone while you're standing in line. Oh, did we mention you can take practice tests on your phone?

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  • Internal Medicine

    Why settle for less than the best Internal Medicine board review ever produced? You'll find it right here at MedQuest, home of the one and only Dr. Conrad Fischer. Between our ruthlessly up-to-date question banks and our crystal-clear high yield video series, we guarantee we can help you maximize your score. And did we mention it works on mobile?

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  • MCAT FastPass

    MCAT FastPass is a course unlike any other. Built from scratch for the new MCAT exam, FastPass is efficient, fast-paced, and designed to integrate with official AAMC materials. Let us show you how to make the most of your MCAT prep, so you can show medical schools that you have what it takes!

    Elizabeth Malphrus
    Conrad Fischer, M.D.
    Austin Fischer

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  • Step 1: Integrated Cases

    These are the MOST likely subjects to appear on your USMLE step 1 or COMLEX part 1 exam. The Cases are designed to go across different knowledge areas for USMLE and COMLEX. Each case extracts all the Pathology AND Pharmacology AND Physiology AND Microbiology AND Biochemistry AND Immunology you will find in each disease.

    The cases are ENTIRELY based on MAXIMUM question extraction!!

    Watch the free preview, Introduction to Integrated Cases

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MedQuest is the brainchild of Conrad Fischer, M.D., our Founder and CEO. He is assisted by co-founders Dr. Elizabeth August and Dr. Niket Sonpal, as well as Creative Director Nick Russell and Tech Specialist Noah Ottenstein.

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All Medquest products are optimized for iPhone, iPad, and Android Devices. No waiting for special applications! Take Dr. Fischer and the MTB team everywhere you go! Our QBank software and video lectures will even run on the Playstation Vita, Playstation 4, XBox 360 and other similar devices.

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All Medquest videos are available in 720p HD. Our state of the art streaming video servers will optimize the quality of the video to provide uninterrupted viewing and adapt to fluctuations in your connection. Why settle for less than the best?

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