Video Lecture Series

Internal Medicine Board Review - Video Series

Brand New videos and book for the 2018 ABIM Examination!

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Step 3 High Yield

Featuring ~40 hours of the inimitable Dr. Conrad Fischer, and based on his famous Master The Boards prep books, and designed to help you pass the USMLE Step 3 exam with flying colors. Combining decades of distilled teaching experience with engaging cases, fact-checked by our team of teaching physicians, MedQuest's Step 3 High Yield videos are the definitive teaching product for the last leg of your journey to board certification. Join Dr. Fischer, Dr. Sonpal and Dr. August as they take you through Step 3 High Yield.

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USMLE Step 2 Video Series

Cement all your knowledge for Step 2 with the recorded version of Dr. Fischer's live class! The core material is under 50 hours! You will see the authors of Master the Boards: Step 2 CK doing pediatrics, surgery, psychiatry, ob/gyn, emergency medicine and every subject from the book! Less than 35 hours at 1.5X speed!

Get three months of Step 2 Qbank for only $75 with purchase!

Starting at $395.00
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Whether for COMLEX-USA Level 2-CE prep, Shelf Exam prep, or for yearlong prep to make sure you are 100% accurate on all your clinical rotations, MedQuest gets you through EVERY specialty with ease, precision, and liveliness. Learn all the OMM techniques you need in under 10 hours. Our OMM Qbank is composed of brand new questions, designed for the student who wants answers in simple, understandable terms.

All your prep in under 50 hours!

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Get Pharm Video & QBank

Save by purchasing Get Pharm! and and the Pharmacology QBank together!

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Get Physical

Let’s Get Physical! is a unique preparatory device for Step 1 of USMLE and Level 1 of COMLEX to get you to answer any question about physical findings. The course is entirely video with additional recordings of heart sounds, breath sounds, and neurological abnormalities.

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Hospital Boot Camp

Are you starting internship, feeling lost and overwhelmed? A third or fourth year medical student who wants to stand out on rotations and be remembered during residency interviews? Or are you an international graduate, looking for insight into the American hospital system?

Created by renowned medical educator Chris Paras, and in conjunction with Conrad Fischer, this course is designed to relieve your anxiety about life in the hospital and teach what you need to know to succeed. Get in shape with Boot Camp, and perform like a rock star!

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IM Course + QBank

Save by purchasing our Internal Medicine video lecture course and our Internal Medicine QBank together!

Purchase a 1 month subscription to the IM Videos and IM QBank and save 15% off of the QBank
Purchase a 3 month subscription of each and save 25% off of the QBank
Purchase a 6 month subscription of each and save 50% off of the QBank

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MCAT FastPass Video Course

We'll show you how to make the most of your MCAT prep, so you can show medical schools that you have what it takes!

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Whether it is for COMLEX 1, 2, or 3 or the COMAT Shelf Exam prep, MedQuest gets you through OMM with ease, precision and liveliness. The core material is under 7 hours including 2 hours of live demonstration!

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