MCAT FastPass Series

At MedQuest, we think spending $2,000 on a bundled prep course is crazy. Going a la carte—buying the specific resources you need instead of a huge bundle of things—can get you a better, smarter prep course, for about a quarter of the price.

Why MCAT FastPass?

FastPass is the most efficient prep course on the market, and the only one designed to integrate with official AAMC materials. Built from scratch for the new MCAT, FastPass shows you how to maximize your prep time, so you don't waste a moment on your journey to medical school. Check out our sample study plans and prep budgets to see how FastPass can work for you!

The FastPass Video Course

Instead of forcing students to slog through hundreds of hours of boring lectures, we made a course that teaches critical thinking about the subjects most likely to show up on test day. Built from scratch for the new test, we focus only on the most difficult, highest yield subjects. We promise not to re-teach everything you already learned in college! But we will help you find a study framework that works for you, and develop the tools you need to succeed on the test, in medical school, and beyond. Get started!

The FastPass Study Guide

It's all of the most important info you need to know for the MCAT in one place. It's also a checklist of every topic you need to study. As test day gets closer, it will become your best friend. Whether you're taking FastPass, some other prep course, or self-studying, it's the ultimate review guide for the new MCAT. Buy it on Amazon. 

MCAT Master Plan

Whether you’ve got the full FastPass package, just the book, or are self-studying with AAMC resources, here’s a detailed study plan to help you structure your MCAT journey. Get started with our week-by-week study plan and daily calendar.

How does it work?

The AAMC—the people who write the actual MCAT—have their own set of practice products. No matter what any prep company says, these are the best practice problems on the market, because they are real MCAT questions written by the real MCAT question writers.

MedQuest FastPass is designed to work with these AAMC materials, instead of trying to reinvent them. By combining MCAT FastPass with AAMC practice materials, you can get a high-yield prep course tailored to you, without having to buy a bunch of low-yield stuff that you don’t need!

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