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The FastPass Video Course

MCAT FastPass is an online, video-based prep course. It also includes a full-length practice test. The course features 17 hours of video instruction with Dr. Conrad Fischer, author of the famous Master the Boardsseries, and Elizabeth Malphrus, new-MCAT expert and high-scorer. Learn the right strategies for taking on this long, intimidating, and quirky test, and then check your progress with our scored, full-length practice test.

Video course*

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MCAT FastPass Study Guide

The MCAT FastPass Study Guide is a comprehensive content review book. It includes all of the most important facts, figures, concepts, and ideas for you to know for the MCAT in a single, accessible volume.

It's designed to be paired with the video course, but works as a stand-alone content review guide too.

Study Guide: $39.95