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Q: Is the book included when you purchase the video course? 

A: The FastPass Study Guide is not included when you buy the video course but it can be purchased separately from Amazon.com. While the course and the book are complementary (the book is your comprehensive study guide, the course is your high-yield strategy and review), they also stand on their own. The FastPass resources are designed to be mixed and matched with other products (especially those from the AAMC), so you have the flexibility to build the MCAT course that’s best for you.

Q: How is MCAT FastPass different from Kaplan, Princeton Review, ExamKrackers, etc.?

A: The MedQuest MCAT course prioritizes efficiency, while the old-school model for MCAT prep is all about volume--who can offer the most hours of videos, the most practice questions, etc. We designed our course differently because we’ve seen that the old-school model doesn’t work well for students. The AAMC recommends that you study for the MCAT for 300 hours, when many of these courses have more than 300 hours of video alone! Nobody has time for that! We designed a course that is fast-paced and efficient, so that you can start strong and, more importantly, end strong with your MCAT studying. Additionally, we offer our video course and our book separately, and encourage you to buy your practice products directly from the AAMC. This gives you the flexibility to tailor your MCAT prep to your needs and your budget and to mix and match products from different sources to make a course that’s just right for you.

Q: Are the AAMC practice tests and question banks included when you purchase the video course?

A: The AAMC products are not included in the price of the video course, but we do encourage you to purchase them separately. They are the best practice products on the market, and also some of the most affordable (you can buy all of them for around $300). We believe that selling our products separately, instead of bundling them together with a single price tag, is better for our students. It gives you the flexibility to design a course that meets your needs and your budget and ensures that you are always getting the best price on the individual items.

Q: Can I purchase a 2-month course or a 4-month course?

A: All of our MCAT courses, regardless of duration, can be renewed for an additional month for $99, up to two times. If you reach the end of your subscription and still need more time, this gives you the option to extend your course at a lower monthly rate.

Q: Does MedQuest offer private tutoring?

A: We do not offer private tutoring. If you are looking for one-on-one support and personalized feedback, there are two ways we recommend you go. 1) You can sign up for private tutoring with an MCAT expert. We think NextStep does a great job with this but be aware that it can be quite expensive! 2) Many students find they can get the feedback and support they need by finding a study buddy--another student who is studying for a similar MCAT date. If you know somebody already who is studying for the MCAT, that’s great! If not, posting on social media sites or interest group boards (such as Facebook or reddit/MCAT) can be a good way to find somebody to partner with in your studying, either in person or via video call, to go over practice questions, share resources, and support each other throughout your MCAT preparation.

Q: Can the Master Plan be completed with a one-month subscription, or do I need to purchase a 3-month or 6-month subscription?

A: The total time of the video course is approximately 23 hours, meaning that it can easily be completed in a month. Many students choose to purchase a one-month subscription, and then watch the week-5 videos during week 4 (this is a fairly straightforward modification of the Master Plan, since week 4, which is the CARS videos, is the shortest of the sections). You can also use the "catch up" days at the end of each week to watch ahead a bit, in order to compress all of the videos into the first 4 weeks. Then, if you get to the end of the month and decide you want to extend your subscription, you can do so at any time for up to two months.