Our MCAT Experience

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We tried the other courses, and we think students deserve something better.

Not long ago, I was in the same place you are. It was time for me to take the MCAT, and I agonized over what was the right way to prepare. Did I need to pay $2,000 or more for a prep course? Did I want to try studying on my own and risk getting a lower score?

Thinking it was the safe option, I purchased a course from one of the big prep companies, and was disappointed to find that it wasn't really designed for the new MCAT. It was clear that they had taken their material from the old test, added some bells and whistles, and sold it as something new.

Realizing that the course was not an efficient use of my study time, I started figuring the test out for myself. In the end, I scored in the 97th percentile, and was accepted to my top-choice med school!

After this experience, I wanted to do something to make sure that future test takers would have better options available to them. I teamed up with Dr. Conrad Fischer, author of the famous Master the Boards series, to build FastPass, the course that I wish I'd had when I was studying for the MCAT:

  • MCAT FastPass was designed from scratch for the new MCAT. We built a whole new course from the ground up, based on how test takers' needs and priorities have changed with the new format.

  • The new test is more about reasoning and less about content. This should change how you prepare for the test. FastPass guides you through the process, by focusing on strategy, practice, and "MCAT thinking," rather than reteaching you everything you learned in college.

  • This course is designed to integrate with other resources, so that you can tailor your MCAT prep without paying for anything you don't need. Have a set of old review books from a friend? Still have all your textbooks and notes from college? Already have the AAMC practice test and Q banks? MCAT FastPass will show you how to make the most of the resources that you already have, so that you can build a course to your specifications in terms of size, time, and price-point.

  • Efficiency > comprehensiveness for the new MCAT. The standard MCAT courses are in an arms race for who can offer the longest, hugest course. But who has time to watch 300 hours of lecture and work 10,000 practice problems, especially if they're not tailored to the new test? FastPass is designed to help you study smart, by understanding how the test works and what it wants from you, and being strategic in how you plan, study, and practice for one of the most important exams on your journey to becoming a doctor.

I hope that this course will make it so that you can benefit from my experience with the test! We hope that you enjoy the course, and wish you the best of luck on your journey to medical school.

Happy studying!
Elizabeth Malphrus and Conrad Fischer, MD