Week 10

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Week 10 (25 hours): Psych/soc review week

  • Catch up if you have fallen behind or skipped over any psych/soc videos or sections of the study guide.
  • Test yourself with the AAMC Outline for psych/soc.
  • Review or relearn the topics you identified during your review of the AAMC Outline.
  • Rewatch psych/soc videos for topics that you don’t feel 100% confident about.
  • Skim the psych/soc section of the Study Guide.
  • Read something challenging and not directly MCAT-related as described in week 1.
  • Complete 25 questions from the AAMC Section Bank as described previously.
  • Take an AAMC Practice Exam. This is THE best practice that exists, and also the absolute best indication you can get as to how you will score on the real MCAT. Because of this, it is extremely important that you take this test under the most realistic possible conditions. Go to the library, reserve a room at your school, or sneak into the office on Saturday and borrow a coworker’s office. You want to be in an entirely different setting from where you normally study (remember from psych/soc: location can influence recall). You also ideally want to be using a similar computer (most test centers have older PC computers with two-button mice). Take snacks just like you would for the real thing, maybe even wear what you’re planning to wear for the real thing! Take your timed breaks, and whatever you do, get through the entire test in one sitting. Make sure that whatever test-taking strategies you are planning to use for the real test, you use them here too. This is not one to split up across multiple days; it’s your dress rehearsal. After you’ve finished, take the rest of the day off so your brain can process, and the next day, do a thorough review of how you did. Look at all the questions you missed, and make sure you understand your mistakes.

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