Week 12

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Week 12 (25 hours): Get-ready week

  • Slow down your pace a little bit. This is the week for low-pressure review and reflection. You’ve reviewed everything, you’ve learned what you need to know, now it’s time to get ready for your MCAT performance.
  • Complete 50 questions from the AAMC Section Bank as described in Week 3.
  • Revisit the AAMC Question Pack items that you found challenging. 
  • Read something challenging and not directly MCAT-related as described in week 1.
  • Read through the FastPass Study Guide one more time. Don’t worry about trying to memorize or think too much this time. You’re just walking through all the information one more time, to help make sure that all of the most important info you need to know for the test has been actively considered by your brain recently.
  • Sleep well, eat well, think well. You want to be well-rested and as relaxed as possible when you go into your MCAT. If you don’t usually get up as early as you need to for the MCAT, start adjusting your sleep schedule now so that getting up early isn’t jarring on test day. Find ways to reduce stress. Remind yourself that you have done an awesome job preparing, and that you are ready to do your best. Confidence can make a big difference on the MCAT.
  • Plan how you will get to the testing center, what you will wear, what you will bring, etc.. That way, on MCAT day, you can get up and go without having any potential delays and without having to make any unnecessary decisions (you’ll need all your decision making capacity for the test!).
  • Plan what you will do for your last day off before the test. Whatever you do, don’t study on the day before the test. Take it easy, don’t talk about the test, try not to think about content; it’s all in your brain, just let it marinate. However, you also don’t want to sit around feeling terrified, so plan something fun and relaxing. Go see a movie, go for a long walk, run some errands, etc.
  • Plan to celebrate after the test! Meet your friends at the bar, go out to a nice dinner, plan an excursion, but whatever you do, make sure you have something fun and relaxing to look forward to once you’ve rocked the MCAT!

And now you’re ready to

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