Week 2

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Week 2 (25 hours): Dive into content

  • Watch the chemistry/physics videos as described in week 1.
  • Read chem/phys: electrochemistry and circuits as described in week 1.
  • Read bio/biochem: genes as described in week 1.
  • Read psych/soc: social processes; psychological change as described in week 1.
  • Read something challenging and not directly MCAT-related as described in week 1.
  • Complete 120 questions from the AAMC Official Guide to the MCAT.* It’s better if you do some questions from each section every day (although you could do chem/phys one day, bio/biochem the next day, etc.) because this will help ensure that you’re making progress in all sections each week, instead of looking at the sections as entirely separate. Many of the same strategies (and definitely the same topics!) show up across the entire test.

* Note that all Question counts are estimates, since passages have anywhere from 4 to 7 questions, plus discretes interspersed. Work this approximate number of questions, and then stop at the end of the passage or between two discretes (doesn’t make sense to split one passage across two days).


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