Week 8

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Week 8 (25 hours): Chem/phys review week

  • Catch up if you have fallen behind or skipped over any chem/phys videos or sections of the study guide.
  • Test yourself with the AAMC Outline. For every single line in the chem/phys section: do you know a little bit about that topic? If it’s a topic you know is high-yield, do you feel confident that you know what you need to know? This step of returning to the AAMC Outline is a little insurance policy. There’s a risk with the study guide that you are recognizing the information, but perhaps not always recalling it. As we learn in psych/soc, there is a big difference between our recognition memory and our recall memory. As you go through, if there are lines that you don’t feel confident about, highlight them or make a list.
  • Review or relearn the topics you highlighted or listed from your review of the AAMC outline.
  • Review/memorize formulas. Make sure you understand how to use and will be able to recall all of the formulas on the FastPass Study Guide formula list.
  • Read something challenging and not directly MCAT-related as described in week 1.
  • Complete 120 questions from the AAMC Question Packs as described in weeks 2 and 3.
  • Take the AAMC Sample Test (unscored) and review. The AAMC Sample Test and Practice Exams are the absolute highest quality practice you’ve got, so squeeze every little bit out of them that you can. Take the test in conditions that are as realistic as possible. Review every single question--both the ones you got right and the ones you got wrong--and make sure you understand what went wrong with the questions you missed.

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