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3-Month Study Plan: 
Recent Graduates & Postbacs*

Caroline just graduated from college, and is planning to take the summer off to study for the MCAT, while working part-time as a medical scribe. She is feeling confident about content review, since she just finished her pre-requisites, and has a minor in psychology that she thinks will help her perform well on the new psych/soc section.

Caroline has 25 hours per week to study, and decides to go through the FastPass Study Guide topics in order. However, she also wants to study the test subjects in parallel, rather than separately, because she knows the MCAT prioritizes integrating knowledge across disciplines.

Caroline has all of the textbooks and notes from her prerequisite classes, which she plans to use when she needs a deeper dive or to re-learn a topic. Her roommate took a different MCAT prep course last year, and Caroline stopped her from setting the books on fire after the test, so she has those too just in case.

For practice materials, Caroline decides to purchase the following AAMC resources: the official guide questions, 6 question packs, and both practice tests. Here is Caroline’s study plan (Total cost of FastPass & AAMC resources = $643.00)

Sample MedQuest FastPass Three-Month Study Plan (25 hours/week)

 (CP=chem/phys; BB=bio/biochem; PS=psych/soc)

Week Study Practice


Watch: FastPass Introduction and Strategy

CP: Physical properties of matter
BB: Proteins
PS: The senses, the nervous system

AAMC E-Book Mini-Test: 12 Qs


Watch: FastPass Chemistry/Physics

CP: Electrochemistry and circuits
BB: Genes
PS: Cognitive processes, behavior

AAMC Official Guide: 60 Qs


Watch: FastPass Biology/Biochemistry

CP: Light and sound
BB: Energy and metabolism
PS: Social processes, psychological change

AAMC Official Guide: 60 Qs


Watch: FastPass CARS and Psychology/Sociology

CP: Atoms and the periodic table,
BB: Cells and molecules
PS: The self, social thinking

MedQuest MCAT Practice Test


Watch: FastPass Test Day

CP: Solutions
BB: Cell and organism reproduction
PS: Social interaction, social structure

AAMC Question packs: 120 Qs


CP: Classes of molecules
BB: Human systems: reproductive, endocrine, respiratory, circulatory
PS: Demographics, social inequality

AAMC Question packs: 120 Qs


CP: Chemical dynamics
BB: Human systems: lymphatic, immune, digestive, excretory, musculoskeletal, skin

AAMC Question packs: 120 Qs


CP review week: Catch-up and revisit problem areas; re-watch CP videos

AAMC Practice Test 1 


BB review week: Catch-up and revisit problem areas; re-watch BB videos

AAMC Question packs: 120 Qs

AAMC Practice Test 2 


PS review week: Catch-up and revisit problem areas; re-watch CARS and CP videos

AAMC Practice Test 3


Final review week: Review problem areas from AAMC Practice Test; re-watch Test Day video

AAMC Question packs: 120 Qs 

AAMC Practice Test 4 


Get ready week: Read over everything one last time, plan for test day, and manage stress

AAMC Question packs:

120 Qs & AAMC Sample Test

Rock the MCAT!

*The topics listed in the study plan (proteins, genes, etc.) each refer to sections of the MCAT FastPass Study Guide.