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Why slog through hundreds of hours of boring lectures? MedQuest’s MCAT FastPass Video Series focuses on only the most difficult, highest-yield subjects with an emphasis on strategy, practice, and "MCAT thinking." Designed by the medical education experts at MedQuest, MCAT FastPass helps you study smarterunderstand how the test works and what it wants from you, and be more strategic in how you plan, study, and practice for one of the most important exams on your journey to becoming a doctor. MedQuest FastPass shows you just what you need to know for the MCAT so you don't have to sort through an overwhelming amount of information on your own. Trust MedQuest to guide you through your exam preparation and ensure you feel relaxed and prepared on test day.

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  • 69 on-demand videos (23+ hours) focused on the most difficult, highest-yield subjects on the MCAT.
  • Focused coverage of MCAT strategy, critical analysis and reasoning, chemistry, physics, biology, biochemistry, psychology and sociology. 
  • Streaming videos that allow you to learn anytime, anywhere on your PC or mobile device.
  • One full-length practice test. 
  • A framework that enables you to focus on only the most essential information for success on the MCAT, in medical school, and beyond.
  • Content recently updated and expanded by an MCAT top scorer.

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Make the most of your MCAT prep and show medical schools that you have what it takes!

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