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Are You Ready to Master the Boards?

Dr. Conrad Fischer—author of the best-selling book Master the Boards: USMLE Step 2—and his team of dedicated clinician-educators have decades of experience preparing medical students just like you for the USMLE. We’re here to help you relax on test day by providing high-yield videos, classes, and question banks that prepare you to pass the boards so you can become an exceptional physician.

At MedQuest, we know where and why test-takers go wrong, and we show you how to think like a question-writer to avoid pitfalls on exam day. Our engaging, entertaining, and memorable videos and live courses utilize the Fischer Method to ensure you’ve seen some version of any question the exam might ask.

How? By reviewing every disease topic and addressing:

  • What is the most likely diagnosis?
  • What is the best initial test?
  • What is the most accurate diagnostic test?
  • What is the treatment?

Get started with a MedQuest program that works for you:

Step 2CK Live Course: June 30-July 25, 2019 in NYC

Do you learn best in a live course? Check out MedQuest’s Live courses and Cramathons, led by Drs. Conrad Fischer, Niket Sonpal, and Chris Paras. Prepare for your exams in an engaging and supportive environment, conveniently hosted in New York City, or from the comfort of your own home with MedQuest’s Live Online Courses.

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USMLE Step 2 High Yield Video Series

Learn from the authors of Master the Boards: USMLE Step 2! Every core subject is covered in ~50 hours of engaging, high-yield, on-demand videos.

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Get Stats Biostatistics & Epidemiology Video Series

Don’t leave points on the table on exam day. Three hours of on-demand video ensure you’re prepared.

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Biostatistics & Epidemiology Question Bank

Are you looking for a little extra practice so you don’t get tripped up on exam day? 50 Q&A aligned with the Get Stats Video Series help you feel prepared on exam day.

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USMLE Step 2 CK Question Bank

Make sure you have seen ALL the questions BEFORE you sit for your exam! No matter what disease you are shown, you will be able to identify and answer the diagnosis question, the physical finding question, the testing question and the treatment question! Don’t miss out on statistics or sports medicine, either!

This is the ONLY Question Bank written by a program director and the most prolific teacher of USMLE Step 2 live classes in the world! Don’t take a chance! Dr Fischer, author of the world famous Master the Boards USMLE Step 2 CK, will make sure you are safe!

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USMLE Step 1 Integrated Cases Video Series

Dr. Conrad Fischer asks you questions and teaches you to integrate multiple basic science knowledge areas into frequently tested clinical scenarios. 10 hours of fun yet high-yield videos ensure you can pull it all together to ace your USMLE Step 1 or COMLEX Part 1.

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OMM High Yield Video Series

Scoring well on OMM items can make the difference between an average score and a top score on the COMLEX. Don’t leave points on the table! 5 hours of lecture and 2 hours of manipulation demos ensure you’re prepared.

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OMM Question Bank

Supplement your OMM prep with comprehensive review questions written by the MedQuest team.

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Get Pharm Video Series

Get Pharm! and get the understanding you need to ace pharmacology items on your Step 1 exam. ~50 hours of engaging, high-yield, on-demand videos from USMLE expert and Dr. Conrad Fischer will build your confidence and competence.

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Pharmacology Question Bank

450+ pharmacology Q&A work with your course notes, videos, and review books to help you truly understand concepts you might have missed.

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Get Physical Video Series

If you want to have the answer for any physical findings question on your exam, it’s time to Get Physical with Dr. Fischer! Stream 11 hours of on-demand videos illuminated with heart and breath sounds, path slides, EKGs, clinical images, and more!

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Medicine Clerkship High Yield Video Series

Get your top shelf score, rock your internal medicine rotation, and excel at clinical care with MedQuest’s comprehensive on-demand video series. 

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Hospital Boot Camp Video Series

Are you starting a clerkship and feeling lost and overwhelmed? Worried about impressing on rounds? Boost your confidence with this video orientation from Drs. Chris Paras and Conrad Fischer.

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