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Eliminate Surprises on Test Day

Dr. Conrad Fischer—author of the best-selling book Master the Boards: USMLE Step 3—and his team of dedicated clinician-educators have decades of experience preparing students and residents just like you for Step 3 and the Internal Medicine Boards through engaging, entertaining, and memorable video series, live courses, and practice questions. 

We know how stressful board prep can be because we’ve done it, too. We’re here to help you relax on test day by providing resources that prepare you to pass the boards and practice exceptional quality medicine to improve your patients’ lives. 

We know where and why test-takers go wrong, and we show you how to think like a question-writer to avoid pitfalls on exam day. Videos and live courses utilize the Fischer Method to ensure you’ve seen some version of any question the exam might ask.

How? By reviewing every disease topic and addressing:

  • What is the most likely diagnosis?
  • What is the best initial test?
  • What is the most accurate diagnostic test?
  • What is the treatment?

Get ready to start learning with a MedQuest program that works for you:

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