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Newly re-filmed for 2019!  Course expanded!  You need NO other material for your Step 3 prep except Dr. Fischer's Master the Boards book and these videos!

The average step 3 grade is 20 points LOWER than step 2

Our Step 3 High Yield video lectures, featuring an expanded course with 60 hours of the inimitable Dr. Conrad Fischer, and based on his famous Master The Boards Step 3 USMLE book, are designed to help you pass the USMLE Step 3 exam with flying colors. Combining decades of distilled teaching experience with engaging cases, fact-checked by our team of teaching physicians, MedQuest's Step 3 High Yield videos are the definitive teaching product for the last leg of your journey to board certification. Join Dr. Fischer, Dr. Sonpal and Dr. Hastings as they take you through Step 3 High Yield.

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Engaging cases, fact-checked by our team of teaching physicians

The definitive teaching product for your journey to board certification