Thank you  for writing me back. Dr. Fischer, I have long been an admirer of your teaching style, so it means a lot that you wrote to me individually. I am very interested in the Cramathon. I purchased the integrated cases today. thanks so much!

Brandon, Howard University


Hello Dr. Fischer,

I got my scores for step 3 and I'm very happy I passed with 250. It is a great feeling and weight off my shoulders. During your Step 3 live seminars, we had a welcoming atmosphere and everyone was able to ask questions. All sessions delivered invaluable tips and facts needed to pass. Thank you for adding the level of confidence that I needed to go into this exam. I read MTB-3 before I started your live course and it definitely helped to solidify what I had already learned. If any one has the time to participate I would strongly recommend it before taking Step 3 exam. It definitely helped me feel well prepared for this beast. Good luck everyone!

Max M.

Hello Dr Fischer. I hope you're well. I'd like to thank you for creating quite possibly the most enjoyable atmosphere around one of the least enjoyable intimidating sets of exams and assessments that a medical student may have to give. I just received my score and it was a 249 which I am very proud of. I believe that a lot of my peers have benefited greatly not just from the live Cramathons, but from the valuable body of work that you and the rest of the MedQuest team have left for us (or as you aptly referred to being "pimped out to the country") IMGs especially to make this experience less daunting and all the more familiar.

Thank you

A special thank you and feed back now. Just passed CK and got my ECFMG certificate!!!! Your course was crucial for my success on both Step1 and 2CK. Did the Cramathon on line for step 1 two weeks before I took it and the Live cramathon for Step 2CK one week before it. I know the timing were not the ideal, that that was what I had because I already had a position offer on an alternative path in radiology (fellowship), so the clock was running after me.

Congratulation to you and all your team for such a good job you do.  For me it was a definite life change opportunity.

Ana Paula 


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